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Based on the design concepts in the book, Designing Transformative Experiences, the ELVIS© Experience Design Guide is a MUST-HAVE companion tool for experience designers.

This 17-page one-time download includes the ELVIS Matrix, all 7 elements of the ELVIS Toolkit, and all of the Design Questions in one convenient and easy-to-use document.

Automated Online ELVIS 7© Experience Design Guide: ELVIS Matrix & Design QuestionsELVIS Matrix & Design Questions

Welcome to the ELVIS 7 Design Guide Automated Online Version. This powerful tool capturers all the Design Questions for each of the ELVIS 7 Design Elements and asks you to answer them regarding an experience you have or are designing. The tool will automatically produce an ELVIS score for each element. And you can use it over and over again with your one-time purchase.
Included here you will also find the ELVIS Matrix showing all the elements in one table. I encourage you to screen-capture the matrix and populate it with your scores for each element in order to see your entire design in one snapshot.

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