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We train leaders
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Keynotes & Workshops

Welcome to DTE's Keynotes & Workshops


Our speaking engagements and workshops can be conducted in-person or online.


Keynotes by Dr. McLain are typically 45 minutes in length and include engaging stories, lots of humor, and video elements.  Themes range across the elements that comprise Experience Design Leadership© and the art of Designing Transformative Experiences, often including several of the ELVIS 7:  Risk, Control, Immersion, Social & Emotional Involvement, Intellectual Challenge, Identity Matters, and Meaning Making.


We also offer multi-hour and multi-day workshops that come to you!  Typical group size is 5 to 25 with a team-based orientation.  Workshops allow us to more deeply explore the ideas and skill-building Experience Design Leadership© through multiple engaging and challenging activities that are also a lot of fun.  


Dr. McLain works closely with each host to ensure the message is on target and the price (negotiable) is right for you.  It all begins with an engagement call to explore the possibility spaces.  


Finally, if you are in the hot-seat to design one or more experiences, we offer 1-on-1 or small group Experience Design Consulting to help you frame, execute, and evaluate your designs.  


Call us today to get started!  (Link)


Sample Generic Keynote proposal (Link or sample included on page — see below)

Links to Dr. McLain’s speaking videos (Link to media page or to specific videos here?)

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