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We train leaders
to become
Experience Designers.

Online Learning

Welcome to DTE's Online Learning programs.


Our self-paced short courses are skills-focused and cost-efficient ways to build expertise in Experience Design Leadership© . They can be accessed by individual modules of your choice OR taken together for a micro-credential in Experience Design Leadership©  at a discounted price.  Each is led by Dr. Brad McLain and includes engaging learning design, knowledge-checks, and skills-based materials to transform your leadership with the power of transformative psychology. 


No time for course-taking?  No problem.  Our Learning Videos are designed for busy people on-the-go who want to quickly absorb and creatively apply the main ideas of Designing Transformative Experiences and Experience Design Leadership© .  These videos are organized around the ELVIS© Framework and Toolkit, to be viewed sequentially or a la carte.  Sit back, learn, and enjoy!


Finally, when you decide to apply Experience Design to your work and life, your best friend will be the ELVIS 7© Experience Design Guide
.  Here we offer it as both an online tool with an automated ELVIS calculator and as a downloadable PDF.  The choice is yours.

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