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Transformational Travel Council Rocks It With Online Course!

Hi all. This past week I attended the Transformational Travel Design 3-Day Intensive course from

It would be hard to overstate the amazing value of the course! Led by Dr. Ivana Damnjanovic and her TCC team: Mike Halle, Mona Lewica and others, this online course gathered an international cohort of travel pros intent on designing and delivering transformational experiences for their clients -- right up my alley! The travel modes included expeditions to vacations to eco-tourism to retreats and more – but all with a strong slant toward sustainability and environmental stewardship combined with cultural sensitivity and positioning travel as LEARNING opportunities to become more responsible global citizens – SO INSPIRING! And - so very I tune with the latest research on transformative experience design (see my recent book, Designing Transformative Experiences).

Although I myself have led groups on crazy adventures across the world, I do not consider myself a travel professional by any stretch. And yet, here I found myself “among my tribe” with my fellow classmates as we brazenly tackled subjects like the experience economy, purpose & belonging in travel, uncovering the identity of the traveler within ourselves and others along with the personal “WHY,” and even Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey.”

Ivana was a master facilitator, guiding the group through numerous practical design frameworks, examples, and resources with an open and engaging (and hilarious) delivery reflecting her obvious passion and expertise for the subject. How nice to be among transformative-loving peers and such a leader able to “herd the cats” of so many entrepreneurs with idealistic dreams for contributing to the betterment of the world and people experiences in it. Without exception, the group left even more excited and motivated for work that – I believe – is poised to do just that!

If you are involved in travel – even tangentially – I highly recommend this course as well as their many other offerings. Hats off to Jake Haupert and Michael Bennett, who founded the TCC, and their ever-expanding global coalition of change-agents – transforming us by transforming travel!

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