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New Book Celebrating Jane Goodall's 90th Birthday

 It is with great excitement and a sense of high honor that I announce the publication of the new book Jane Goodall at 90, celebrating my friend, mentor, and global icon.


This wonderful collection of deeply personal essays from the legendary life of Dr. Jane is the brainchild of my teacher and friend, Marc Bekoff and Koen Margodt.  It is an epic celebration of the “woman who redefined Man,” as Louis Leaky put it.


I was asked to contribute a chapter alongside such illustrious others as musician Dave Matthews, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Colorado governor Jared Polis, animal rights legend Peter Singer, Jain monk and nuclear disarmament champion Satish Kumar, Sir Brian May of the timeless rock band Queen, and many others.  


The book was kept as a complete surprise from Jane for over a year while in development. Then, barely two weeks ago (although her actual birthday is April 3) from the hands of her sister, Judy, Jane was presented with this most excellent 90th birthday present. It was a zoom party with delight, laughter, and a drab of scotch, of course!  Jane is now back on her world tour marking her 90th trip around the sun and is as forceful, energetic, and inspiring as ever!


The chapter I wrote is an excerpt from my book, Designing Transformative Experiences, which Jane was so generous to write an endorsement for when it came out a few months ago.  It describes one night many years ago under a stormy October sky with Jane that changed my life’s trajectory and lit a heart-fire that continues to burn within me today.  Thank you Jane!

I encourage you all to pick up a copy of Jane Goodall at 90, available now at a bookseller near you or online!  All royalties will go to projects dear to Jane and linked to the book.  Help us support Jane’s important work around the world through such programs as the worldwide educational program Roots and Shoots, the Tchimpounga animal rehabilitation reserve, and ongoing research/conservation of animals and the wild places where they live.

Spread the word and spread the love.  And happy birthday, Jane!

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